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Autostereograms, also known by the common brand name Magic Eye, use an optical illusion that takes advantage of the stereoptic nature of human vision and allows the viewer to see hidden images set in an illusionary space. Interspace draws the viewer into a space between neither within the fabric nor the space in front or behind it. The illusionary depth serves as a reminder of the sculptural nature of fabric as a complex interaction of threads moving over and under one another in space. The two-dimensional connotation assigned to fabric is illusionary. The piece offers a view into a unreal space that is within the viewers mind and not within the cloth.

Interspace is a work in progress.

Rooster, completed in 2016, served as a proof of concept for the use of autostereograms in woven form. After shelfing the project for some time the work is now being revisited. Visit us again a bit later to follow the progress of the series.

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