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State of Gauze.

Viewers of these works demonstrate a variety of interactions. Some choose to observe them from a distance while others get as close as only a few inches away. The process of interacting with the works is meant to serve as a model of perception and comprehension on a universal level. As an effect of participating in this experience, the works invite viewers to become more aware of the role of preconception and active exploration in all interactions with the unfamiliar.



State of Gauze was woven using the doup leno technique which involves modifying a floor loom with loops of cord called doups. The doups enable the loom to move warp thread horizontally to twist the warp around the weft. The resultant fabric, referred to as leno a gauze, is open and netlike but structurally stable. Unlike cloth simply woven loosely, the weft threads in leno resist drifting and remain evenly spaced because of the twist in the warp. The gauze panels are hung in undulating waves with shibori-dyed silk backgrounds.

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